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Annual Punishment IV - May 31st 2015

bWe will present it's 24th event, Annual Punishment IV on Sunday, May 31st 2015.

Winner becomes GM of both bWe & EWAct
Edwin Fisher vs. Evan Christopher 

Jack Ryan vs. BRB vs. Ian Finnegan

 bWe World Championship
BGB (c) vs. Perfection vs. Max Rivera vs. Andrew Wright

GBYWN X-Division Championship
Ryan Blaze (c) vs. Killjoy vs. Daniel Divine vs. Zachary Cobalt

Three Way Dance
JD Static vs. Kyle Owens vs. JC Penny

Drew Magic vs. Ace Connors

6-Man Tag Team Match
Brad O'Reilly, Doc Holidae, & PJ Matthews vs. Malice, Joshua Jin, Knuckles

PJC vs. Jack Diesel

Tyler Cloud vs. Spider-Boy

***Card is Subject to Change***

New Days - March 29th 2015

On March 29th 2015 bWe will produce it's 22nd event, the third annual New Days!

New Days 2015 will have 8 great matches they are

Match #1 bWe Tag Team Title Match: Brothers of Warfare (c) vs. The Botched Spider

Match #2 Singles Match: Tyler Cloud vs. Nate Rollins

Match #3 Singles Match: Brad O'Reilly vs. Ace Connors

Match #4 Falls Count Anywhere: PJC vs. Drew Magic

Match #5 EWAct Title Match: Ryan Blaze vs. Max Rivera

Match #6 Singles Match: Edwin Fisher vs. Zachary Cobalt

Match #7 Singles Match: Lex Exodus vs. Kyle Owens

Match #8 bWe World Title Match: Jack Ryan vs. AJ Bernardo

**** Card Subject to Change ****

The Washington Redskins

"The Authority"

On September 26th 2014 at Bottoms Up! AJ Bernardo resigned from the General Manger positon of the bWe an EWAct brands. He then named the recently retired Edwin Fisher the bWe General Manager and Chris Kennedy the founder of EWA the EWAct General Manager.

- bWe Staff

Breaking News - Jack Ryan defeated Ace Connors and is the NEW bwe Word Champion.

Bottoms Up! 2014

Breaking News - Edwin Fisher is being forced into retirement due to injuries sustained by shawn Williams at a live event- Ryan blaze is now the #1 contender for the EWAct title

The JTG Memorial Show

Annual Punishment III

Breaking New- After 588 days ryan blaze has lost the bwe world championship to the returning Ace connors at annual Punishment III.


Annual Punishment 2 - Results!!!

BWE: Annual Punishment 2 - May 26th 2013 - Bell Time 3:00PM

Match #1: Singles Match: Lex Exodus vs. Zack Cobalt - Winner: Lex Exodus

Match #2: Singles Match:  Spider-Boy w/ Mr. Botch vs. Jack Ryan  - Winner: Jack Ryan

Match #3: Lumber Jack Match:  Ric Kage vs. Shawn WIlliams - Winner: Ric Kage

Match #4: EWA Championship & CT Title - Winner Takes All: PJC vs. Joey Speed - Winner: PJC

Match #5: Last Man Standing: George Ivan vs. Nate Rollins - Winner: Nate Rollins

Match #6: 6 Man Battle Royal for a BWE Title Contract: Winner: Ric Kage

Match #7: No DQ: AJ Bernardo vs. Edwin Fisher - Winner: AJ Bernardo

Match #8: BWE World Championship: Ryan Blaze (c) vs. Ace Connors - Winner: Ryan Blaze

Annual Punishment 2 - The Matches!

New Days 2013 Poster!

Major News!

 Since Edwin Fisher has been released, our web series "Road to New Days" featured a #1 Contenders match for the BWE World Championship held by Ryan Blaze. Check out! Zachary Cobalt vs. Joey Speed 2/15/13.

Road to New Days

BWE is proud to announce a new web show titled "Road to New Days" once a week on our offical Youtube account /BWEwrestlingOfficial we will upload new matches featuring your favorite stars of BWE and EWA! 1/1/13.

Newington Nitro Poster!

Proceeds from Newington Nitro go to the Susan G. Komen Fund

September Slam

September Slam will be on September 23rd 2012 as our fifth event! You can come to the event if you want or watch the videos online when they are posted some time in October 2012!
September Slam will have 9 great matches they are
Match #1 Battle Royal to determine the #1 contender for the CT Title at the next show
The Ajayster vs. Mr. Botch vs. Eleazar Swagger vs. Jack Ryan vs. PJC vs. Ryan Blaze vs. Zack Cobalt vs. George 
Match #2 CT Title Match: Max Rivera vs. Spider Boy
Match #3 No DQ: George vs. Shawn Williams
Match #4 Falls Count Anywhere: PJC vs. Zack Cobalt vs. Ryan Blaze
Match #5 : Lumber Jack: Nate Rollins vs. Ric Kage
Match #6 Two vs. One: Richard SteelFlex vs. Mr. Botch & Jack Ryan
Match #7 BWE Tag Team Title Match: Amazing Swagger vs. Masked Maniacs
Match #8 30 Minute Iron Man: Richard SteelFlex vs. Ric Kage
Match #9 BWE World Title Match: Max Rivera vs. Aj Bernardo
**** Card Subject to Change ****

"First Class" is now "Above Average"

"First Class" AJ Bernardo has officially been re-named to "Above Average" AJ Bernardo. 7/30/12

Richard SteelFlex has Retired from Backyard Wrestling

Richard SteelFlex has retired from backyard wrestling due to an injury that happened at Battle For The Gold on July 22nd 2012, Eleazar Swagger kneed Richard in the back so hard the match had to stop right then while Richard was screaming in pain AJ Bernardo, Shawn Williams, and Max Rivera came out to help him to the back. While Nate Rollins came out and challenged Eleazar to a match. Richard didn’t think it was a  big deal but we saw him walking weird after the show so we sent him to get checked and it turns out he cannot compete anymore. Sorry! 7/28/12.

Video Complications

We at BWE have had issues editing the last two shows Annual Punishment and WrestleJam. We are sincerely sorry for this problem. As of last night both shows were deleted, so we will not be able to post them. But every show from now on will be edited and put on our website and our youtube channel within two weeks of the show. We are sorry it happend, we wont let it happen again. 6/26/12.

Backyard Wrestling Entertainment

As of 12-28-12 BWE and EWA have joined forces!

BWE is a backyard wrestling promotion located in Newington CT.

Backyard Wrestling Entertainment (BWE) debued in May of 2012 and has been the greatest ever since. Were located in Newington, CT. We give you, the fans, the best backyard wrestling that the Backyard has to offer for FREE!

The BWE started off as the BTW but BTW started as WWK which stood for Wilbur Wrestling Kids but on June 13th 2011 the WWK changed to BTW but then on January 23rd 2012 BTW changed to BWE and our company wont ever change names again!. It all started in 2008 when two wrestling fans decided they wanted to wrestle so one of them got a trampoline that we he and his friends could wrestle on and it has been three years since then and now we have a real pro wrestling ring! 

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Best of bWe in 2013 & 2014

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