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Est. 2012



  1. Do you have a real ring?

    Yes, it was a lot of money but well worth it!

  2. Is it fake?

    NO! Id like to see you get hit by a real STEEL chair with no padding or put through a table or just take a simple bump in the ring. We all take it because we are used to it but i assure you it does hurt!

  3. How long has BWE been around?

    Well BWE has just started in 2012 but we have been known as BTW and also WWK. We have been around for about five years. We changed the name because we got a real ring and everyone got trained so now we are BWE Wrestling Ofiicial!!!

  4. How much padding is in the ring?

    Almost none only one inch and thats really nothing when your falling on to steel and wood!

  5. Could I become a wrestler?

    Well contact us, well give you a try out!

  6. Has anyone been injured?

    Yes, alot! Aj Bernardo is dealing with knee,ankle and back injuries as we speak and Richard SteelFlex has a shoulder injury and Shawn Williams as Back and ankle injuries and there have been two broken noes's three broken toe's and one broken arm in are company history. But when there in the ring they dont show that there hurt but the second they get to the back there getting checked and limping!

  7. Who is The Masked Lunatic?

    He is The Masked Lunatic! Who do you think he is?

  8. How many shows does BWE do a year?

    Well once a month every month we do a large event. Also we train everyday and do live events (Shows not on Camera) every week

  9. What inspired BWE Wrestling

    For most Indpendent wrestling some of BWE does like WWE most dont though. Indy wrestling is where we want to be one day right now we are in the backyard. Our next step is to be Indy. Every at BWE Wrestling loves CTWE Pro Wrestling so please check them out they are the best indy wrestling in the world!!!

  10. Who owns BWE?

    Richard SteelFlex owns BWE Wrestling! After he bought it from "Above Average" AJ Bernardo at September Slam

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