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Est. 2012

The History of bWe - Titles, Roster, & Officials

EWAct Championship

Ace Connors - (1st EWA Champion since the EWA joined BWE ) 12/28/12
PJC - (2nd EWA Champion - by defeating Ace Connors) 3/24/13
Max Rivera - (1st CT Champion- by winning a Battle Royal) 8/26/12
Spider Boy - (2nd CT Champion - by defeating   Max Rivera)  9/23/12
Jack Ryan - (3rd CT Champion - by defeating Spider-Boy) 1/7/13
Joey Speed - ( 4th CT Champion - by defeating Jack Ryan) 3/24/13
PJC - (1st EWAct Champion - by defeating Joey Speed in a unification match) 5/26/13
Zachary Cobalt - (2nd EWAct Champion - by defeating PJC) 9/26/13
Ryan Blaze - (3rd EWAct Champion - by defeating Zachary Cobalt) 8/31/14
JC Penny - (4th EWAct Champion - by defeating Ryan Blaze) 8/8/15

bWe World Championship

AJ Bernardo - (1st BWE Champion- by winning a Battle Royal) - 5/27/12

Vacant - (AJ Bernardo broke his wrist) 6/10/12

Ric Kage - (2nd BWE Champion- by winning a Five way elimination match)- 6/24/12

AJ Bernardo - (3rd BWE Champion- by winning a triple threat match)- 8-26-12

Ryan Blaze - (4th BWE Champion- by winning  a Three Stages of Hell)- 10-14-12 

Ace Connors -(5th bWe Champion- by defeating Ryan Blaze at AP3)- 5-25-14

Jack Ryan -(6th bWe Champion- by defeating Ace Connors at Bottoms Up! 2014)- 9-28-14

 BGB - (7th bWe Champion- by defeating Jack Ryan at New Days III)- 3-29-15

Kyle Owens - (8th bWe Champion - by defeating BGB at Boyz Gone Wild) 7/19/15

Tag Team Champions:

Shawn Williams & Max Rivera - (1st BWE Tag Champions - by defeating Eleazar Swagger & Nate Rollins)- 6/24/12

History Makers - (2nd BWE Tag Champions - by defeating Max Rivera & Shawn Williams) - 7/22/12 

Masked Maniacs - (3rd BWE Tag Champions - by defeating AJ Bernardo & Ric Kage) - 8/26/12

Amazing Swagger - (4th BWE Tag Team Champions - by defeating The Masked Maniacs) - 9/23/12

Eastsides Finest- (5th BWE Tag Team Champions ) - 9/23/12

Vacant - 3-15-13

Spider-Boy & Mr. Botch- (6th BWE Tag Team Champions - by defeating Ric Kage & Jack Ryan for the vacant titles) - 7-14-13 

The God Cards- (7th bWe Tag Team Champions - by defeating Botched-Spider  - 3-24-14
Powers of Magic- (8th bWe Tag Team Champions) - by defeating The God Cards - 8-31-14
#TooSweet- (9th bWe Tag Team Champions)- by defeating The Powers of Magic - 10/26/14

Officials / Crew

General Manager- Edwin Fisher

Referees - Justin Del Rio & Tyler Copeland

bWe Roster

Edwin Fisher

Drew Magic

Shawn Williams 

 Jack Ryan


Brad O'Reilly

Tyler Cloud

J. Cooper

Ryan Blaze
Ace Connors
Based God Bernardo
Chris Kennedy
Zack Cobalt
Lex Exodus
MC Starcraft
Adrian Michaels

Ric Kage 
Max Rivera

Nate Rollins

George Ivan

Clark Stan

Kyle Owens

Golden Dragon

Mr. Botch

Former Superstars

Jefferson SteelFlex
Dimitri the Punisher
Damien Kull
Eleazar Swagger

Richard SteelFlex
Joey Speed
The Ajayster

Jose Corporan

Billy the Kid

Tag Teams

Amazing Swagger ( Eleazar Swagger & Nate Rollins )

History Makers ( Richard SteelFlex & Aj Bernardo )

Masked Maniacs ( The Masked Lunatic & Spider Boy )

Eastsides Finest ( Eleazar Swagger/ Max Rivera & Shawn Williams )
Botched Spider ( Mr. Botch & Spider Boy )
Ultimate X (AJ Bernardo & Shawn Willaims)
BoE (Chris Kennedy & Lex Exodus)
God Cards (Golden Dragon & MC Starcraft)
The Powers of Magic (PJC & Drew Magic)
#TooSweet (AJ Bernardo & Kyle Owens)
Suit Club (Edwin Fisher, Jack Ryan, and Drew Magic)